Tina Holmes

Head liver cake distributor

Cuddly Pal: Stan

I have many years of experience looking after a wide range of animals. I currently share my home with two dogs, a snake, several stick insects, a group of veteran kio carp, a flock of quail, a group of pekin bantams, three very sweet Japanese bantams and fourteen laying hens. I have also owned rabbits, cats, gerbils, hamsters, ducks, snails, and more - many of these have been rescue animals. I have studied dog behaviour and training methods and have a pet first aid certificate. I am a trustee for border collie trust gb and invest a significant amount of my time and income in fundraising to help the rescue dogs.
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David Mulgrew

Virtual Pet Coordinator

Cuddly Pal: Cloud

I’ve rehabilitated several cats who were terrified of everything after being rescued. Currently my wildlife sanctuary (home) consists of 3 cats. Most of the time though I’m rescuing computers instead of cuddlies, when I have my cats permission of course. I maintain the website and look after all the other technology things. If there’s something techie happening at Stan’s Pals I probably had a hand in it. I have experience in pretty much everything with computers, web design, IT security, repairs and system building to name just a few. Not something you would expect to find around animals but we all need IT support at some time and if you follow the blog you’ll notice even our animals use the computer from time to time, especially my cat Chip who watches me write software and I’m convinced he's plotting world domination.
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Sarah Burgess

Treats Trade Negotiator

Cuddly Pal: Luna

Sarah is usually at the Stan's Pals Doggy Deli making sure each bag of treats is wrapped with love. You may also see her dancing with a hula hoop in Swad town center or the surrounding parks, some of the dogs, and 2 cats, even join in jumping through the hoops.
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Ellie Walton

Crazy Cuddles Commissioner

Cuddly Pal: Dude

I'm a dog loving, cat petting, lizard handling book worm with a passion for animals. This stems from a lifelong upbringing surrounded by various rescue animals. I am currently also mummy/slave/food giver to three staffies that make me proud everyday but I have a range of experience with many animals and reptiles.
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Cathy Holmes

Animal Adventure Facilitator

Cuddly Pal: Breeze

As an author the experiences I get walking dogs are a great inspiration for when I face writer's block. The dogs we walk also feature in my RedBubble portfolio alongside my other photography. I also own a rescue Corn Snake named Breeze who I have helped overcome an eating disorder.
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Angela Mackenzie

Feline Feast Provider

Cuddly Pal: River

I have always been fond of animals and have throughout my life had the privilege to care for cats, dogs, budgies, goats and chickens. I currently have a beautiful border collie rescue dog called River who is two years old. I am a Trustee and fundraiser for Border Collie Trust GB and have done some volunteering at our local RSPCA centre helping care and socialise cats ready for rehoming. I am passionate about the care & welfare of all animals.
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Tammy May

Labrador Luxury Leader

Cuddly Pal: Summer

Tammy is a doggy mummy to a snuggle of 6 Labradors, all of whom are bouncy and loving. She has grown up in a house full of animals ranging from dogs to frogs. Its hard to get Tammy to go home, she keeps coming back to cuddle all the puppy dogs.
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Steven Holmes

Doggie BFF

Cuddly Pal: Tommy

I love dogs and really enjoy spending time with them, one of my best friends is a staffie called Minnie. I love dog walking and we have great adventures together.
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