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Pet sitting

We do pet sitting for a wide variety of animals and have members on the team with experience and/or training  to care for cats, dogs, rabbits and other small furies, all types of birds including poultry, reptiles and snakes and much more - this morning i was visiting these lovely cats called Oliver and Millie, they are both ten years old and love strokes and cuddles. I am sure their family will be missing them but we are doing our best to make sure the cats don't miss their people. 


Now we have been visiting a couple of days this lovely girl is not so shy :)

So much to do - so little time

We have a busy day planned today as we visit cats and walk dogs and feed and cleasn out rabbits, quail, chickens, snakes and stick insects! :) Virgil and Tommy will have a fun walkies together and we will all be smiling as we love a good start to the week and refuse to moan that it'sa Monday lol! Look out for some pictures later!


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