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Duvet day

Here at Stan's Pals we are always busy but resident perpetual puppy Tommy can't resist a nap opportunity - today he wants a duvet day :)

Boot Camp. .....

We offer training support for a select group of dogs, I would like to help more but there are not enough hours in the day. ...

This beautiful boy is Marley. He has major socialisation issues and I have needed to get support from another trainer to work with him and now after weeks of work we can see progress - this was him stood looking across at a group of strangers. This would have upset him in the past but now he is able to stay calm and watch as he knows I will keep him safe.

Pet sitting cheats!

This group of girls are having a great time while their family are on holiday. They know their mum's rules are no dogs on the beds but they tried to convince me that it would be ok :) cheeky girls were shown their own beds :)

Virgil is always ready for his walkies :)

We always teach all the dogs we walk to sit and be calm inside the door just before we start any dog walk - this means we start dog walking nice and calm which is the best way we feel - Virgil loves his walkies and always rushes into position to sit nice ready to go! Sometimes he even crashes into the door getting ready! Calmly of course :) 


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