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Cathy is one of our dog adventure facititaors (for boring peoiple this means dog walker but we don't just walk dogs we have adventures with them ......) and she is very artisitc. She has now linked the two by making use of the great relationship she has with the dogs she has bonded with to get some fab pictures of them and these are now available to buy on Redbubble in lots of different ways.

Local Job Vacancy - Tommy in the pic is resting to help with recruitment and training!

We have a part time dog walking and pet sittting vacancy in Swad - can everyone share around and show their friends so we might find someone good who needs some work - not many hours now but these will go up. We pay above the min wage for this post.

Job spec

Dog walker and pet sitter and adventure facilitator

The job

Tasty dinners

We don't only do dog walking and pet sitting, we also make and sell a range of things for your pets including top class dog food made from high quality ingredients - Stan and Tommy are the chief testers. Today I was busy cooking up chicken and veg pasta.

Time to relax

After a busy day dog walking I am now about to put my feet up for a break. Tommy, who came along on the last two walks of the day is now snoozing on the sofa.


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