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Dog tags and micro chips.....

Most people seem to know that your dog needs to be micro chipped now - it's the law! But..... did you know that it is also a legal requirement that your dog have a dog tag giving your address? It is advised that this carries your phone number as well.  Setting aside the legal requiremnts for a second you should think about what is the fastest way to get your dog back and without a doubt that wold be if the first person who found him could ring you so at Stan's Pals we suggest EVERY dog should wear one of these great collars with your phone number embriodered on them.

Our new van

It's an exciting day for Stan's Pals today - our new van has been kitted out inside and will be used for the dog pickups this morning - don't tell them but there is also liver cake on board! Later todayit will disappear for signwriting but then it will be aregular sight around the Swad area :)

I think Skye was waiting for his turn lol.

Oscar the Westie

I had to show meveryone our little pal Oscar the Westie - his owner is on holiday and Oscar is 14 years young and loving life. He has been cared for by Tammy who has done as fantatic job giving him his twice daily insulin injections, giving out cuddles and managing his complex diet needs. The two are forming a real bond and Tammy is totally in love with her little man. 

Playing games ......

Being a puppy - at 14 remember :)

Doing a good thing while still dog walking ....

On Sept 3rd we are off on a dog walk with a difference and hope our friends will join us :) We are walking in support of Alzheimers society - raising funds and awareness. 

Have a look at the links and see what it is all about - our dogs are coming along as well.

Dog walking pals - Tommy and his friends

Dogs really do have very real friendships. My Tommy has lots and lots of friends but6 three of them are very special. First River, he adores him and haspplily trots along beside him on walks. Then Virgil, when his springer friend is groomed he sits and watches giving the odd whimper of concern. Last and most def not least is Buddy who he adores..... this was them on walkies today :)

Dog Training

Our approach to dog training is to treat every dog we meet as an individual and tailor a training program to each one based on what they need. This can result in attending a group training class, spending time having 1 to 1 sessions with our trainers either with or without owners which may involve introducing other dogs but also may be totally on their own and building towards being more socialable. Every dog works at their own pace.


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