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Training walks for Jackson

We recently met a big, friendly giant with a big bark and a tickly tummy!
He had his first training outing with us yesterday and he got on brilliantly! He had a lovely time and got to face some of his fears in a safe environment with two handlers and a lot of cuddles :)
Well done Jackson, you're a superstar.

Stan's pals: It's bigger on the inside!

What a week, it's definitely proven we're more than just dog walkers!

Blimey, it's been a crazy week to be a worker at Stan's pals! This week, we've had our busiest day for walks and daycare as well as events, training classes and exciting news for the future of Stan's pals but thats a story for a different blogpost, watch this space.

Hot Dogs

My, oh my has it been a warm one; especially for dog walking!

But despite the sun our adventures have still gone ahead and have been fun but also safe! Our doggie adventures have seen dogs swimming, trekking under the cover of woodlands and drinking lots of water in the shade. Billy wanted to do all of the above SIMULTANEOUSLY! 

Bring on tomorrows adventures.

Monday Walkies

Monday mornings are always tough but happy wagging tails makes it all worth it.

Today we welcomed a new dog, Milo, to our walks and he's settled right in making friends with some of our dog walking regulars. Him and River the Border Collie are seem to be good pals and he's learnt some doggy manners already!

Petsitting the lovely Finn and Poppy

Another petsitting weekend has come to an end and with it my time with Finn and Poppy.

Finn is a tall, dark and handsome gentleman who loves a good chin scratch whilst poppy is a gorgeous little lady with big ol' eyes! They are very chilled out and have been a pleasure to petsit :) And we can't forget the two Guinea Pigs who liked to chase each other round whenit was food time. 

It's raining, It's pouring, Virgil is snoring

Today has been a busy day in the drizzly rain for the Stan's pals family. But the weather has not kept us down! 

Some of our dog walking dogs love the rain and they're usually the one who can find out the deepest, muddiest puddles! But other don't like getting wet, they like blankets and snuggles and the thought of getting their little paws wet is a big no no; I'm looking at you Poppy haha. So on days like today, we have to do a range of different things to ensure that all the dogs get enough exercise whilst also having the best time possible. 

Ramblings of a pet sitter

Have you ever been in someone elses house when something goes wrong? I have and let me tell you it's scary. 

Petsitting is a love of mine as it means I get to spend some real quality time with the animals left in my care. I love finding out all the animals little quirks like the cat who liked to hang around on my shoulder as I cooked or the dog who would only sleep with my shoe. But my main goal of any petsitting is to make sure that the animals in my care have an amazing holiday-at-home whilst their owners are away.

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