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Migraine - 21 Puppies

So it's been a while, how's everyone doing?

These past few months a lot has changed in my life and a lot has stayed the same. I am no longer doing my A levels or working a ridiculous number of hours for no personal gain. I can officially say that I am at least 80% happier!

The main change right now is I get to spend a ridiculous amount of time cuddling dogs! I can say........    To Continue Readinc Click here.

New Website

In between dog walking sessions we have slowly been teaching our website new tricks. We now have some facebook and twitter buttons so you can follow what we are doing while on the move. Please check those out and have a chat to us. The website occasionally hisses at people it does not like, yes websites behave like cats when they are angry, but the training is going well. You should soon be seeing some lovely image galleries of the loving animals we care for. Ever seen a snake smile? Well soon, you'll be able to by looking at our galleries.


With the establishment of our company with Companies House we are now in the process of redesigning our website. It wasn't behaving as well as we would like so we thought it was time to give it some obedience training and teach it some new tricks. Maybe it just needed some love. Anyone know the best sort of treats to train a website? We are currently dealing with administration for our directors and other employees, which is very tiring becasue we're still walking dogs and caring for lots of other animals. I wonder if the animals can be trained to do the administration.

Stan's Pals Ltd

Stan's Pals dog walking and pet sitting company was just registered and incorporated with Companies House. It does not seem long since we walked our first dog, but its actually 5 years, and pet sit our first rabbit but now we are limited, which is silly since our love for animals is unlimited. Can't we register as an unlimited company?

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