Virgil is always ready for his walkies :)

We always teach all the dogs we walk to sit and be calm inside the door just before we start any dog walk - this means we start dog walking nice and calm which is the best way we feel - Virgil loves his walkies and always rushes into position to sit nice ready to go! Sometimes he even crashes into the door getting ready! Calmly of course :) 

Fresh Liver Cake

Stan just wants to say good morning and we have fresh liver cake today - let us know if you want some. £1.50 a piece or three for £3. It cuts up nicely into tiny training treats and is low fat and full of goodness rather than all the colours and additives you find in many commercial treats. 

Preparing for the day of dog walking and pet sitting

We always make sure we have plently of poo bags with us when we go dog walking ande we always stock up with lots of poo bags and also lots of good healthy treats like our home baked liver cake - her e Lauren is preparing for the day where she will be dog walking at Swadlincote Woodlands and Stan is supervising her very closely to make sure no liver cake is missed.

Back to work

Well I am stuck in the office having an admin day today while Lauren does most of the dog walking! I will be out and about later this afternoon giving training support to a family who want some help with their dog - more on this later. Now I wonder if I can train Tommy to do filing? 

Pet Remedy

I think this product is amazing - which is why we stock it and it will be included in our range when our on line shop launches soon :) If you need some now we do free local delivery or can post at cost :)

Staying in their own home is relaxing for cats

It is great to see how happy and relaxed cats are when we pet sit them in their own homes - this lovely pair have been in catteries before but got so stressed - now they are in the normal surroundings and we are in an out to make sure they have lots of love and attention. They are Oliver and Millie, ten year old brother and sister.