TREATS!!!!! Yay :)

We are feeling VERY excited today as we are working on our online shop and getting ready to "open the doors." The first items to go on sale will be tasty treats including our very popular liver cake.  Commercially produced treats contain lots of nasty additives or colourings which I feel have a bad impact on my dogs and they are also often very fattening, I have to admit that my treats are also not exactly good for the waist line but they are a lot lower in fat than the rubbish you buy in the shops and they never contain sugar or other bad things like colourants - they are packed full of great tasting healthy ingredients and Stan is not happy that I am going to share them as he was ready to try to eat everything that comes out of our oven, with Tommy as his support worker :)

The picture shows our Garlic and Cheese crisps - garlic in small amounts is good for dogs and helps to put fleas and other such nastiness off from taking a nibble at the skin of your best pal.

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