Tommy the brave hero dog

Well we have had an eventful morning. .... Mr Fox came back and managed to get past the first line of defences and into the bantam pen. He was busy trying to get into the coop at the birds when Tommy sounded the alarm.

Tommy needs an award for his persistence as I tried to ignore him to start with and stay snuggled in bed but our hero was not giving up so easily! He kept insisting we get up until I realised something was wrong.

A quick look through the window showed our older cock bird - known as George - flapping about inside the coop which has a small "outside" area with perches. The brave bird had sent his girls inside and was trying to fight off a fox who was trying to dig his way in!

Ged let Tommy out and our boy lept into action, barking, snarling and looking at least twice his usual size he escorted Mr Fox out of the garden at a rapid rate! Since then he has made several visits to both chicken pens and lots of scent marking and strutting about has been happening.

Well done Tommy. You shall get a special breakfast with liver cake as an extra :)

Where was Stan when all this was happening? Fast asleep under my quilt!

Tommy is now curled up on the sofa looking cute and the chickens are pecking round the garden. George has had an extra portion of corn.

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