Roast dinner for dogs - coming soon :)

Lots of people treat their dogs to a Sunday roast by selecting bits and bobs from their own roast dinner and making up a dog version and the dogs usually love it! Now what if you could give that roast dinner to your best friend guilt free? We all know human food isn't great for our pets but why? Well they need a higher meat content to their diet than we tend to have but also there are lots of things in human meals that are not good for them, salts, sugar, additives and preservatives, onions, nuts, chocolate and so on and our food is often too high in fat for our pets, if we are honest it is often a bit too high on fat for us! At Stan's Pals we make top notch quality dinners for dogs and this includes a roast beef dinner which is made with top quality ingredients, no salt, no sugar, low fat and nothing added in that won't be good for your dog - we have however made sure it tastes VERY good and Stan and his side kick Tommy have put ion a lot of work to make sure it really is good! As I type now there is a batch in the oven and in a few days it will be on sale to our customers at just £2.50 a pack - big hungry dogs (think husky) will want to eat a whole pack for their meal while smaller ones (Westie, JRT etc) could have it for two or even three meals :) 

There will be prime beef, veggies, roast spuds and our special recipe doggie Yorkshire puds! Send us a message if you want to make sure your dog gets to taste this amazing dinner :)

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