Recall training

People ask me how old a dog is before it would be fully trained - they are asking to find out when they can stop training and my answer would be they are never ready for you to stop. I practice some pretty basic things over and over with my dogs, mainly because it is fun and they enjoy it but also because I think it is important.

The one thing I practice EVERY single day is recall. I think this is an essential life skill and I want them to think it is fun and remain VERY good at it. We start using a long line but when they are older I will recall them off lead, on lead, in the park, in the house, in the garden, in the fields - any time, any place, anywhere so they always remember if I call them to me they need to come and there will be rewards - it could just be a love, a "good lad" or it could be a handful of liver cake. 

This is Nancy with Cathy practicing as part of her walkies.

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