Ramblings of a pet sitter

Have you ever been in someone elses house when something goes wrong? I have and let me tell you it's scary. 

Petsitting is a love of mine as it means I get to spend some real quality time with the animals left in my care. I love finding out all the animals little quirks like the cat who liked to hang around on my shoulder as I cooked or the dog who would only sleep with my shoe. But my main goal of any petsitting is to make sure that the animals in my care have an amazing holiday-at-home whilst their owners are away.

To me and the other petsitters on the team, petsitting is more than just feeding and keeping the animals in our care hydrated and that is why I am really proud to be a member of the pet sitting team at Stan's pals. 

In my short time at Stan's Pals, I have had the pleasure of petsitting puppies, cats, tortoises, fish and numerous numbers of dogs but my favourite animals to pet sit are those that I can build a bond with. My most recent sleepover was with 3 rough collies and a spaniel who all mean the world to me!

Each had their own character especially my little friend Jasper who really helped me when I became injured,he was my little nurse in fur pyjamas! Whilst I was down in the dumps and really feeling sorry for myself, he cheered me up no end with the help of his fluffy friend Brian. Brian lay at my side the whole time and got a very well brushed/groomed coat out of the deal. Isaac who may or may not be my favourite ( shhh I didn't say that) also made me very proud when he allowed me to administer ear drops and clean out his poorly ears with the bare minimal protest AND I don't know what I would have done without my protector Barney who was on guard duty from those pesky cats in the garden! 

But like with any situation, there are times when things go wrong and situations are unavoidable e.g. a leaking ceiling tripping electrics which may or may not have scarred me for life.... or a cat that knocked over a very sentimental picture frame and smashed it in slow motion right before my eyes. Out of spite I'd just like to add! But each time things go wrong, I know I can deal with them and rely on my colleagues and seniors to come to my aid. Pet sitting is the biggest learning curve and each one teaches me something new, for that I will be eternally grateful. My pet sitting bag has grown in size over the months as I have learnt of essential items I will need that may be unexpected. No pet sitting bag is complete without toilet roll and a torch!

I am grateful to all our customers who allow me the pleasure of looking after their animals and I look forward to learning all that the future fur babies I look after will teach me. 

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