More than dog walking - great treats as well

Did you know we have a range of tasty treats for your dog? Healthy and great tasting - they are on sale via our facebook shop and we will also be selling them at Paws in the pub charity event on 14th May at The Wheel Inn, Burton Road, Swadlincote. One of our most popular products is our traditional dog biscuits - 

Traditional Dog Biscuits - Liver or chicken Flavour

Our traditional dog treats contain no additives or preservatives and your dog will love them. In a sealed container kept in a cool place they will keep for up to 6 weeks.  They arrive sealed in a clear bag and your dog will be very pleased to see such a generous serving. 

They are baked in Stan's own kitchen and the boy himself has extensively taste tested the recipe as has his assistant Tommy. 

The random shapes have a rustic charm and are just the right size to reward good behaviour or just show your love while avoiding piling on the pounds - the biscuits are low fat anyway and so not a worry when it comes to your best friends waist line :)


Minced lambs liver or fresh chicken fillet

Parmesan - adds to the flavour and gives a tasty aroma

Meat stock (usually lamb or beef for the liver ones and chicken for the chicken ones) - made in our own kitchen with no added salt

Grated carrot 


Porridge oats to give a great texture and flavour

Shortening - made from fresh bones and supplemented with traditional lard - just enough to hold things together and give a great flavour while being mindful of reducing the calories :)

At Stan’s Pals all our treats are made from human grade ingredients in a domestic kitchen. They are cooked with love! You will not find any additives or colours as I think these are not great for our best friends.


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