It's raining, It's pouring, Virgil is snoring

Today has been a busy day in the drizzly rain for the Stan's pals family. But the weather has not kept us down! 

Some of our dog walking dogs love the rain and they're usually the one who can find out the deepest, muddiest puddles! But other don't like getting wet, they like blankets and snuggles and the thought of getting their little paws wet is a big no no; I'm looking at you Poppy haha. So on days like today, we have to do a range of different things to ensure that all the dogs get enough exercise whilst also having the best time possible. 

Today, this meant that some walks were taken out of the main spray of the drizzle on designated footpaths whilst others were all about splashing through puddles in the middle of Gresley park! Virgil had the right idea though; he snoozed in the back of the car after his walk with a blanket and a person on hand to give him fuss.

It's days like this that remind us just how different our dogs can be; right from the water babies like Blue the swimming husky, right down to our small fluffy duo, Harvey and Missy who despise the rain and what it does to their precious curly locks. 

It's a good job all our vehicles are equiped with towels, that's for sure!

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