Fireworks - now is the time to get ready - while there is loads of time to prepare

Help your dog or cat to cope with the noises of fireworks

So many people have problems with pets at firework time and think this is just something we have to cope with. Unfortunatly as firework season gets longer and longer we can't really just leave it and wait for the nosie to stop we need to what we can to help our pets cope. 

Get your dog, or cat, ready for firework season without fear - or at least more relaxed than usual. In the weeks and months before firework season use our CD to help them get used to the sounds of fireworks. Full instructions are provided and I personally have found this to be VERY effective. My dogs either ignore the noises or just calmly go and have a look out of the window – one of them actually goes and sits on the table in the conservatory to watch through the glass roof as soon as he hears the sounds.

Your CD comes with full instructions and some valuable hints and tips to use as firework season approaches. I recommend making use of it as soon as you can, either when your dog is a puppy or as soon as you rehome a rescue dog – don’t wait for the week before bonfire night as the more time you are able to take to prepare the better the result you will have. 

We also have other products that can hel;p your pal feel calmer and these and nthe CD can be purchased via our facebook shop.

Tommy in his usual relaxed state can be seen in the picture and there is little difference when fireworks are going off :)

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