Dog treats that are not only tasty but healthy as well :)

In recent years there has been a lot of bad press about commercial dog food and we are more aware than ever before about the negative effects of additives and colourants, not only in our own food but also in the food we feed to our animals.

I try to eat a healthy diet and when my children were growing up I also tried to make sure they ate good quality food made from fresh tasty ingredients. It was not long before I began to think about the diet of my pets, especially my dogs…

I started looking at treats I use to reward good behaviour and I was soon avoiding the treats found in shops and baking my own with no additives and no bright colours which seemed to cause hyperactive behaviour- remember the fuss caused when blue Smarties were first introduced and toddlers went on the rampage? I think the bright coloured dog treats have the same effect on dogs, and cats for that matter but that is a problem for the future J

For dog treats I have several simple requirements:

  1. Must taste wonderful – no point otherwise, who wants a ‘treat’ that doesn’t taste fab?
  2. No additives colours or preservatives that may have a negative impact on my dogs.
  3. Low fat so I would not worry about how many they ate.
  4. Top notch, human grade ingredients – my dogs are my family they deserve the best!

With these goals in mind I began to work out a selection of recipes for my dogs and I now have quite a range. As dogs started to follow me around the local park keen to help taste test the goodies it was not long before I began to sell the treats I bake in my own kitchen at home.  We now have a tried and tested range available to buy and this can be ordered on line, via our face book shop, and posted out to you.  Our prices are for delivery to mainland UK only but if you get in touch we can do a quote to send them further afield.

At Stan’s Pals all our treats are made from human grade ingredients in a domestic kitchen. They are cooked with love! You will not find any additives or colours as I think these are not great for our best friends.  Some of the treats even have health benefits – read the individual descriptions to find out more. The range will be added to over the next few days until we are able to show all the gooides we have so if you don't see something suitable then please check back. 

We also have a range of super tasty and healthy dog dinners and once we have all the treats uploaded you will be able to see these in our shop :)

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