Dog tags and micro chips.....

Most people seem to know that your dog needs to be micro chipped now - it's the law! But..... did you know that it is also a legal requirement that your dog have a dog tag giving your address? It is advised that this carries your phone number as well.  Setting aside the legal requiremnts for a second you should think about what is the fastest way to get your dog back and without a doubt that wold be if the first person who found him could ring you so at Stan's Pals we suggest EVERY dog should wear one of these great collars with your phone number embriodered on them. That way if they do get lost they should find their way home quicker as soon  as they can get someone to ring you :) 


Lots of companies supply collars like these or we can get you one fopr just £10 and they come in several sizes :)

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