Dog food and the importance of making informed choices

I think pet owners really need to put some more thought into what they feed their animals. 

My dogs have home cooked dinners so I can ensure that they don't get any of the nasty things that can be found in commercial dog food. Not everyone can do this, I do sell my dog meals but I accept that they are too expensive for many people.

If you are going to feed commercially produced food at least read the packet and know what is in there. If there are ingredients that you don'trecognise do some research and find out what you are serving up to your best friend.

Read articles like this one to help you make informed choices, make sure your reading is varied though as you can't learn everything from one piece, with this one I would question where some of the info comes from.

Your dogs behaviour, health, happiness and even life expectancy are linked to the food they eat so spending some time getting it right is worth the effort.

If you are still stuck after doing some research get in touch - I do nutrition consultations for £25 a session.

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