Cats need love as well and we LOVE cats - pet sitting service

We love cats as well as dogs and many of them don't like going to catteries when their owners are away on holiday. We visit them in their own homes and make sure they are happy and stress free and have fresh water, their normal food, their usual beds and a clean litter tray :) More importantly we make sure they feel loved. We spend quality time with them, playing, giving out cuddles and fuss or just hanging out with them, whatever is needed. Company is very important and even more so when your cat is missing you.

This is one of our feline friends who just loves some fuss :)

Due to recent expansion we are now able to offer our service for dates in the summer again - we were fully booked but we have been working hard recruiting new team members and making sure they are trained ready for the holiday period. We are fully insured and we make sure all our pet visitors supply fabulous references and are very loving to all our animals. :)

Our fees are competitive and start at £8 per visit. We give substantial discounts for multi pet households.

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