Dog food and the importance of making informed choices

I think pet owners really need to put some more thought into what they feed their animals. 

My dogs have home cooked dinners so I can ensure that they don't get any of the nasty things that can be found in commercial dog food. Not everyone can do this, I do sell my dog meals but I accept that they are too expensive for many people.

If you are going to feed commercially produced food at least read the packet and know what is in there. If there are ingredients that you don'trecognise do some research and find out what you are serving up to your best friend.

Puppy training

Puppies learn fast so it is good to start training when they are very young so they are learning good manners as they grow. This is Leia who is our youngest dog training customer at only 8 weeks old.

Crufts is about to begin

Today will be a busy one for all the dog walkers and pet sitters at team Stan's Pals as a small group are in Swad working hard to make sure all our dogs have great adventures while the rest of the team head off to Crufts to raise cash4collies. ......

Look out for pictures later :)

This is Border Collie Trust GB stand where we will be working - the curtain comes down to reveal the inside later this morning :)

Crufts 2016 preparation

Stan's Pals dog walking team are keen to do what we can to help rescue dogs so this week we have been busy baking dog treats ready to sell at Crufts to raise funds for Border Collie Trust GB. If you go to the show come and say hello, we are in hall 2.

Stan has been in charge of quality control - here he approved a big batch of our famous liver cake.

Recall training

People ask me how old a dog is before it would be fully trained - they are asking to find out when they can stop training and my answer would be they are never ready for you to stop. I practice some pretty basic things over and over with my dogs, mainly because it is fun and they enjoy it but also because I think it is important.

Redbubble news

Cathy is one of our dog adventure facititaors (for boring peoiple this means dog walker but we don't just walk dogs we have adventures with them ......) and she is very artisitc. She has now linked the two by making use of the great relationship she has with the dogs she has bonded with to get some fab pictures of them and these are now available to buy on Redbubble in lots of different ways.

Local Job Vacancy - Tommy in the pic is resting to help with recruitment and training!

We have a part time dog walking and pet sittting vacancy in Swad - can everyone share around and show their friends so we might find someone good who needs some work - not many hours now but these will go up. We pay above the min wage for this post.

Job spec

Dog walker and pet sitter and adventure facilitator

The job